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Welder Extension Cord

Welder Extension Cord

Heavy-Duty Welder Extension Cord 

Get the best heavy-duty 40A welder extension cord, fitted with NEMA 6-50 plug and connector ends, designed to match all your welding needs, at Bad Ass Extension Cords. 

Whether you are an avid DIY enthusiast or an expert welder, it is important to have the right extension cord for welding applications. Such an extension cord not only makes it possible for you to continue working further from existing power outlets but also ensures a safe working environment.

To find out more about why you should use our heavy-duty welding extension cords, read on below.      


Application: Use Of MIG/TIG Welders

Our heavy-duty 40A-250V extension cords are specifically designed to be used with all portable TIG/MIG welders with a 400A rating or lower.  

Most portable TIG and MIG welders need to be plugged into a 250V power outlet. By using a heavy-duty 40A-250V extension cord, your portable welder will be able to draw the same amount of power, in terms of voltage and amperage, through the extension cable as it would if it were directly plugged into a fixed socket without any significant voltage drop. 

This way, you can avoid any issues, such as stalling of work due to voltage drops or overheating of the cord due to overloading, normally experienced when regular extension cords are used in heavy-duty applications. These issues can potentially damage your welder or even cause fires. 

Furthermore, with the NEMA 6-50 plug and connector ends, you can be sure that the cable in use is designed for welding purposes, as it cannot fit standard sockets. 


Heavy-Duty STW 600V Cold Weather Jacket 

For enhanced durability, our welder extension cords come with a heavy-duty STW jacket. The STW jacket is not only water and weather-resistant but also highly resistant to abrasions and cuts. 

This heavy-duty jacket also ensures that the cord remains flexible even under heavy load and/or when exposed to the coldest temperatures during use. Simply put, stretching and coiling this cord remains effortless regardless of the nature of the operating conditions.  

Integrated CGM Lights

The Continuous Ground Monitoring (CGM) lights built into the clear connector and plug ensure that the cord will help keep your welding operation as safe as possible. In addition to helping you know if power is flowing through the cord, the integrated CGM lights make it possible for you to check whether ground continuity is there when welding with a simple visual check on the plug and connector ends, respectively. 

Choose A Heavy-Duty Extension Cord Now!

Bad Ass Extension Cords offers a variety of high-quality heavy-duty extension cords designed to be used in the most demanding industrial, general, and construction welding projects. Visit our website to find the best cord for your intended welding application now.

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