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Temporary Power Cords

Temporary Power Cords

Temporary power distribution solutions fall into two broad categories. This first category: No power is available. The second category: Power is available but the connections are incompatible with your equipment.

In the first category, Power Distribution or "Spider" Boxes and Temporary Power Cords are required. These heavy duty 50A cords connect a primary power source like a generator or transformer to the spider box. In turn, a well-designed spider box supports a variety of amperages and plug conventions.

For the second category, Breakout Boxes offer a unique way to tap into the 50A range/oven outlets and 30A dryer outlets found in many homes and commercial buildings. Similar in function to spider boxes, our new breakout boxes accomodate a variety of 120/240V applications. Plug the included 2-circuit molded 120V Quad Box into the Breakout Box for extra convenience.

Need a Breakout Box with different specs? Something for a different application? Odds are, we can build it for you! Give us a call and discuss your requirements with one of our product experts.

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