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Retractable Extension Cord

Retractable Extension Cord

Top Features Of The Best Retractable Extension Cord

A retractable extension cord is a great solution for anyone who uses these items on a regular basis. When in use, these solutions help keep your operation as safe as possible by eliminating any trip hazard. Furthermore, the cable also coils out of the way easily and swiftly when you are done using it. 

To ensure that you find the perfect solution, here’s a list of the main features to look for when shopping around. 


Mounting Options 

To make them as useful as possible, these cables are designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings. As such, the available options are fitted with mounting options specifically designed for either wall or ceiling use. When shopping around, be sure to choose a cable with a mounting option that suits your needs and preferences. 

A ceiling mount is a great option if you have space on the ceiling; otherwise, consider using a wall mount. 



Just like any other extension cable, these solutions are equipped with cables of varying lengths. While 30 and 50ft cables are the most common, you can also find longer or even shorter options as well. 

When choosing a suitable length, just be sure to remember that longer is always better. Firstly, it will save you from having to link more than two or more cables together in case you need to extend your reach. Furthermore, with a longer cable, you will not have to buy a replacement sooner than you wanted to.  

Length influences the power carrying capacity of the cable; so be sure to factor this in your final decision.    


Number Of Outlets 

The right retractable extension cord should come with the necessary number of outlets. If you need to connect a number of appliances to the cable at the same time, you should get a multi-outlet solution. Molded plugs and connectors are an added benefit, for durability purposes. 



Flexibility is essential if you want to enjoy easy and convenient use of the cable, every time. A product equipped with a cold weather jacket designed to remain flexible even in freezing weather ensures easy uncoiling and coiling, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. A flexible cable is also easier to use in confined spaces. 


Lighted Plugs And Connectors 

To keep you from pulling your hair out every time your appliances or power tool(s) unexpectedly shutdown due to a broken circuit and also create a safe working environment, lighted plugs and connectors are a great feature to have in the best product. 

To check whether there is power in the cable and grounding continuity, a simple glance is all that’s needed thanks to these innovative features.  


Automatic Locking 

Strong connections, guaranteed to hold even when the cable is stretched to its limits, will help you work continuously without having to deal with broken connections all the time. As such, you should look for a cable with automatic locking connectors. With Bad Ass Pro Lock® solutions you just pull on the slide collar, to break the connection effortlessly when you are done using the cable.   


Check Out Bad Ass Retractable Cords 

At Bad Ass Extension Cords, you will find a wide selection of high quality solutions designed to meet the needs and preferences of different users and applications. We have what you need, regardless of your requirements.


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