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Extension Cord Reel

Extension Cord Reel

Benefits Of Having An Extension Cord Reel

Have you ever wanted to use electricity but can’t reach the nearest socket, simply because it is too far away? If so, you know just how useful an extension cord reel can be. 

To ensure that you never have to suffer the inconvenience of not having this important product, or resort to the use of unsafe electrical connections, it is best that you get one.  

Read on below for more reasons why you should invest in a quality product.  


Connect To Power Far Away From The Nearest Socket

The first and most important benefit of these products is that they allow you to use electricity even when you are far away from the nearest power outlet. If you live in a home with a limited number of electrical sockets, having such a cable will definitely help you avoid many headaches. 

When choosing the best product, be sure to consider the length of the cable. While it’s true that the length affects the power carrying capacity of the cable, choosing a longer option (50ft or longer, if necessary) will save you from having to buy other similar products in case you need something longer in the near future. 


Keep Your Home Neat 

Most homeowners want to keep their homes neat and tidy. However, with the growing number of electrical devices and appliances used in today’s homes, you are more likely to find cables strewn everywhere or holes drilled all over walls to accommodate electrical wiring and sockets. 

Using an extension cord reel can help you create and maintain a tidy home by eliminating the need for additional electrical wiring and cables. Bad Ass cords are designed to be flexible, even in freezing temperatures (down to -58ºF). This means that they can be deployed or rolled up with ease, whenever necessary, in cold weather as well as tight spaces.   


Keep Your Family Safe 

Ensuring safety at home is essential. Using a high quality reel will help make your home safer for you and your family as well. To create the safest electrical connections, Bad Ass reels come with a variety of safety features. 

For starters, Pro-Lock connectors create strong and secure connections that will remain in place even when stretched tightly – handling up to 80lbs of pull resistance.  

Secondly, Power Transmission and CGM (Continuous Ground Monitoring) indicator lights built into the molded plug and connectors makes it easier for you to check whether there is power in the cable and ground continuity, for utmost safety during use. 

Last but not least, all Bad Ass solutions are UL Listed and cUL approved for Canada.  


Choose A High Quality Product

All are not the same. To ensure that you end up with a solution that perfectly matches your needs, keeps your home safe and offers value for your money, it is essential that you invest in a high quality product. 

At Bad Ass Extension Cords, you will find a huge variety of high quality options designed to cater to the varying needs and budgets of buyers.



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