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Power Extension Cord

Power Extension Cord

Power Extension Cord 

The Power Extension Cord is an exemplary product designed for industry-grade usage. It's refined, durable, and provides consistent performance in a wide array of situations.

This is a state-of-the-art solution made to offer premium results. With the patented Bad Ass connector, this is the perfect option for those wanting a hassle-free addition to their setup. Its connector provides an immediate locking mechanism designed to hold the connection in place for as long as necessary. 

If there's any tugging or pulling on the connector, it will not loosen. This is essential when important systems are connected and have to be running at all times. To avoid accidental restarts, this solution ensures the locking mechanism keeps things running as intended. 

Bad Ass also takes pride in engineering a world-class outer shell made of high-impact polycarbonate for the connectors. This enables them to last for a long time and withstand all conditions without loosening and/or falling apart.

Once the connection is locked into place, it will continue to run without inefficiencies developing. This is critical when setting up a connection that is going to run throughout the day. 

Along with providing impressive range, this is also tested for high safety standards. This includes handling an assortment of scenarios based on both situational and environmental conditions. Due to the PVC jacket that is set up around it, the conditions will not play a significant role in how well it performs. 

This can refer to water that spills nearby, cold temperatures, and/or dust. Everything that is sent towards the power extension cord will be met with a high-grade PVC jacket. This provides ample protection for those who want a long-lasting solution that is built for sustainable results.

Bad Ass has continued to work on its solutions over the years and appreciates the desire for excellence. To ensure that is the case, Bad Ass has taken the time to test its products for both performance and safety. This includes getting it tested with the Underwriters' Laboratories (UL). 

If the goal is to set up a refined, easy-going solution that will manage power with ease then it's best to start here. This is a wonderful addition to any modern setup and is going to do well with fluctuations in electrical input.

With a gorgeous lightning mechanism that is easy to monitor, users can remain aware of whether or not power is flowing through. This is imperative when testing the health of the overall layout and if adjustments are necessary.

This product remains flexible down to -58°F and will not let users down when it is time to connect things into place.

When it comes to performance and resilience, this is the ultimate solution for your needs. With the connector in place, any type of force (up to 80 pounds of pulling)_will not deter the solution. This demonstrates the attention to detail that has gone into engineering this product.

Bad Ass is all about setting high standards and it starts with this wonderful option for modern systems. It will be a breath of fresh air from the word go.

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