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Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cords for any job

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cords for any job

What To Look For In The Best Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cords 

Heavy-duty outdoor extension cords are designed to meet the demanding needs of outdoor applications, in both domestic and commercial settings. These products are required to handle heavy loads of power and survive rough use in unforgiving and extreme conditions – sometimes for lengthy periods of time – in your home, or at your shop or jobsite.


Thicker Wires (Lower Gauge Wires) 

Heavy-duty extension cables are primarily designed to be used with high powered electrical appliances and tools, including power tools. With that in mind, the best products in this category must be able to carry high loads of current. The term gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used in the cables; and is measured using AWG (American Wire Gauge). Thicker wires – designated by lower AWG numbers – can carry higher amounts of current. 

Basically, if you intend to use the cable with power tools (with a rating of 15A), it must come with thicker wires, we recommend 10-12 gauge. For hungrier appliances or tools, a product with lower gauge wires would be more suitable; otherwise, you risk overloading the cable, which can lead to overheating and an elevated risk of fire. 


Molded Connectors 

Any heavy-duty outdoor extension cords claiming to be designed for the most demanding use must be built to last. Even with time and regular usage, molded connectors will stay in place, without pulling away from the cable. 


Superior Nickel Plated Prongs 

Corrosion and loss of conductivity can severely affect the effectiveness and reliability of any extension cable. To ensure that you don’t end up losing power in the most inopportune moments, leading to unnecessary interruptions and delays during jobs, Nickel plating on the prongs provides for superior conductivity and prevents surface corrosion. This ensures a lasting connection between the prongs and the contacts in the socket in use.     


Tough Cold Weather Outside Jacket 

In outdoor applications, these cords are directly exposed to all manner of damaging elements; from direct sunlight and abrasive surfaces, to corrosive solvents/chemicals and extreme cold among others. 

The right product for these harsh environments must come with a tough outer jacket that is not only thick enough to protect the internal components of the cable from damaging external elements and overheating, but also maintain flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures. SJTW and SJEOW outside jackets rated at 300V remain flexible even at low temperatures of -40ºF and -58ºF, respectively. 


Safety Features  

In addition to being UL Listed and cUL approved (for Canada), the right product should come with a number of safety features that facilitate safer working conditions. Clear plugs and connectors are fitted with Power Transmission and Continuous Ground Monitoring indicator lights, which are a great safety addition to any outdoor use cable that is worth its salt. 


Different Options For Every Application 

Any product that is designed to be used outdoors must be capable of handling extreme conditions. Bad Ass Extension Cords offers a variety of high quality solutions that are specifically designed and tested to ensure that they can stand up well to extreme conditions.



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