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Extension Cord Near Me

Extension Cord Near Me

How To Find The Best Extension Cord Near Me 

If you regularly need to use a power outlet that always appears to be too far away, it’s only normal to find yourself in front of your computer searching for “the best extension cord near me”. Bad Ass Extension Cords offers a wide selection of high quality products designed to meet the varying requirements of different users and applications. Finding the right product is simple. 

Here’s what you should focus on when shopping for the perfect fit.  


For Every Application 

These products are among the most frequently used items, at home, workshops, event venues and some camping sites. Each of these applications is unique in its own way; thus, creating the need for similarly unique products, designed to match the exact requirements of each one. 

From multi-outlet, flat and temporary, to industrial grade, generator and RV solutions – and everything else in between – Bad Ass Extension Cords offers all types at the click of a button.  




The right solution should not only be designed for use in the intended application, but also rated to match the power requirements of the appliances and/or power tools/electrical systems involved. 

Before you enter the words “extension cord near me” in your browser, take the time to find out the amount of power you need. For this information, just check the power rating of the equipment you intend to connect to the cable.  

The amount of electricity that any given cable can carry is determined by the thickness (gauge) of the conductors/wire used inside it. Wire gauge is measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge). As a rule of thumb, thicker wires (expressed in lower AWG numbers) are able to carry more current/power. 

Generally, 16AWG cables are designed to be used with low consumption appliances. 14AWG cables are designed for use with medium consumption appliances and low consumption power tools. Anything equal to or below 12AWG is designed to be used in heavy duty applications – involving high consumption power tools and appliances. 



Cables are essentially designed to help users bring power right where it is needed, on a temporary basis. When shopping for the best product, be sure to consider the length. 

While it might make more sense for you to choose a longer product that can be used in a variety of situations, you should always try to buy only as much cable as you need, and nothing more. Why? A longer cable means that current has to travel over a longer distance; experiencing increased resistance along the way. 

Increased resistance can lead to a significant level of voltage drop; as well as overheating and an elevated risk of fire.  



From high visibility options that are easier to spot, to black and white options that easily blend in with the background, these products also come in a wide variety of colors. 


Find The Best Extension Cord Without Leaving Your Home 

With the best solution in hand, you can enjoy safe, reliable and convenient use of this highly useful product in a variety of situations and applications, for years to come. At Bad Ass Extension Cords you can find the perfect fit right from the comfort of your home.


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