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Multi-Outlet Cords

Multi-Outlet Cords

Advantages Of A High Quality Multi-Outlet Extension Cord 

If you want to use an electrical appliance but can’t reach the nearest power outlet, you need to use an extension cable. A multi-outlet extension cord is a great option if you need to use a number of appliances at the same time. 

If you are thinking about buying such a product, read on below to find out some of the main benefits of a multi-outlet option, designed for regular home use (indoors or outdoors).  


Amp Rating Vs Application

When buying such a product it is important to ensure that the gauge and amp rating match the specific requirements of the intended application. For most domestic applications, where regular household appliances are to be connected to the cable, the 15A-120V power rating will comfortably handle the levels of current involved.

It is important to note that using appliances with a higher Amp rating than the cord is designed for can lead to overheating, and the risk of fire due to overloading. 


Multiple Outlets 

A multi-outlet extension cable comes with a number of outlets molded at specific intervals. With such a cable, you can be able to connect a variety of appliances, each reasonably spaced from the next one without the need for additional cords. Simply put, using such a product can save you from buying more cables. 


Always Flexible 

If you intend to use your multi-outlet extension cord in outdoor conditions, flexibility is essential. The cold weather PVC insulation jacket keeps the cord flexible even in freezing temperatures, down to - 40°F; making for easy uncoiling and coiling before, during, and after use.  


Safety Features 

Built-in safety features ensure that you don’t put yourself or others at risk when using these cords. For starters, the brightly colored high visibility PVC insulation jackets ensure that the cables remain visible wherever they are used; thus, minimizing the risk of tripping over them. 

Furthermore, our multi-outlet cords can be hung or mounted out of the way using the twin winglets included on each outlet. And our triple-tap industrial-grade cords feature a lighted power transmission indicator on the male plug, and a ground continuity indicator on the female connector which helps minimize the risk of electric shocks during use. 


Quality Construction 

Considering the fact that multi-outlet cables are designed to connect to a number of appliances simultaneously, they are normally exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Solid and durable construction is, therefore, a must. 

The heavy-duty outer jacket ensures that outdoor cords can stand up well to extended exposure to the weather, and abrasion. On top of this, the molded plugs and connectors won’t pull away from the cable, even when stretched tight. To further demonstrate their quality, these products also come UL and cUL listed. 


Choose The Right Option For Your Specific Needs 

At Bad Ass Extension Cords, you can find a variety of options each designed to meet the needs of different users and applications – whether indoors or outdoors. 

If you have a good idea of the specific requirements of the intended application, you can even build your own cord by specifying the features you would want it to have. Alternatively, you can just take a look at the 50 Foot 12/3 STW 5 Multi-Outlet or 50 Foot 12/3 SJTW Industrial Grade Lighted Triple Tap cables, and choose your best fit.



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