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Light Extension Cord

Light Extension Cord

Light Extension Cord 

The Light Extension Cord is all about performance, reliability, and efficiency. It provides a strong locking mechanism, a robust build, and the ability to offer interrupted results in seconds.

This is the ultimate solution for those who want a well-cultivated product that has been crafted with a high level of care from day one.

Bad Ass is proud to offer a world-class solution for those who want to make sure their connection is intact and doesn't lead to ongoing power drops or interruptions. 


Pro Lock Connector

This optimally designed solution is built on the shoulders of the patented Pro Lock connector. This connector provides one-of-a-kind protection due to its automatic locking mechanism.

This allows the connection to hold automatically with a simple setup process. 

With the automated locking mechanism, users can quickly plug into the connector and ensure it holds. This has been tested for rigorous pulling force and can handle extreme loads without coming apart. Due to this, the connector is easy to manage in different scenarios and does age well.

The Pro Lock connector is also easy to unlock with a simple pull of the collar. Once the collar has been pulled, the connection comes undone as intended. This simplicity and efficiency are what make the product a world-class solution for all users.



When it comes to the light extension cord, it is well-equipped with lighted ends. These ends are specifically designed into the product's features to make sure it allows users to know when power is running through and when it isn't.  

The ends will shine when power is going through allowing users to make adjustments if necessary. This is done to offer high-grade protection for connected systems that are linked by the cord.

There are two indicators with this solution - Amber Lighted Male Plug and Green Lighted Female Connector. 


All-Weather Protection

The specialized PVC jacket provides an all-encompassing protective layer. It's refined, tested for cold temperatures, and works well in a long list of settings. It is the ultimate option for those wanting to use a solution that's easy to set up, efficient, and perfect for modern systems.

The PVC jacket has been cultivated with a tremendous amount of care and delivers premium protection at all times.

It has been rigorously tested to work well in temperatures as low as -58°F without breaking down and/or creating unwanted interruptions. This efficiency demonstrates its overall compatibility with modern systems and how well it works once set up.

This is a solution that is perfect for contemporary users and delivers all of the necessary metrics required to handle a constant connection. Once it has been set into place, the lock continues to function as required and doesn't snap apart. Due to its ability to handle a pull force of up to 80 pounds, the connection can last for a long time and continue to provide high-grade efficiency around the clock.

When it comes to a robust, well-engineered solution, this has been crafted with attention to detail and is an exceptional option.


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