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Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Must Have Features In A Heavy Duty Extension Cord 

If you normally work on DIY, or professional, projects that regularly drag you out far away from the nearest power outlet, a reliable extension cable can help you keep all your appliances and power tools sufficiently powered during use. Furthermore, if these projects normally involve the use of high power consumption appliances or power tools in outdoor spaces, a heavy duty extension cord is exactly what you need. 

To find out more about what separates these cables from the rest, read on below.    



The best products in this category are made using low gauge wires. One of the main distinguishing factors when it comes to these cables is the thickness (or gauge) of the wires used therein. The thickness of the wires, measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge) determines the amount of power that can be safely carried by the cable. 

Heavy duty cables are designed to carry high amounts of current/power – to satisfy the hungriest of appliances and power tools. These solutions are equipped with thicker wires – which are 12AWG or lower. 

Before buying one of these cables, check the power consumption needs of the appliances or equipment you intend to use with the cable, and then choose a cable that matches that rating.  



Any product that claims to be a heavy duty extension cord must have a ground connection. This means it should come with three prongs (hot, neutral and ground), instead of two. The ground connection provides a return path for any excess current that flows into the appliance or power tool in use. The ground connection not only prevents electrical shocks, but also protects the appliance in use from damage. 

In addition to a ground connection, additional features such as (Continuous Ground Monitoring) indicator lights built into the connectors can help protect your equipment and enhance safety during use. With these lights, you can check for ground continuity with a simple glance.  


Strong And Durable Outer Jacket For Outdoor Use

Outdoor applications expose these cords to all sorts of damaging elements. The right product should not only be able to survive direct exposure to the elements, but should also remain flexible even in the coldest temperatures.  

A thick weather resistant cold weather outer jacket designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions – including freezing temperatures down to -58ºF – is therefore a must have. With such a strong and durable outer jacket, you can be sure that the cable you pick will be able to serve you reliably, for years to come. 


Other Features  

Innovative features such as pre-insulated prongs, active power monitoring lights built into the plug and molded connectors and locking plugs further enhance the functionality and durability of cables designed for the most demanding applications. 


Choose The Perfect Fit From A Wide Selection Of Suitable Options 

If you normally work with heavy duty appliances and/power tools, Bad Ass Extension Cables has exactly what you need. To ensure that your tools get all the power they need to work properly, while keeping you and/or your team of workers safe, choose the best solution from the wide section of products on offer.


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