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Generator Extension Cords

Generator Extension Cords

Main Features To Look For In The Right Generator Extension Cord 

A generator can ensure that you always have access to electrical power at home, when camping outdoors or even at job sites, including construction sites, in the absence of primary power from the grid. If you want to connect the unit to a transfer switch, power inlet box, or specific appliances, you’ll need to have a generator extension cord. 

All are not equal! If you are on the market for a reliable, durable and safe product, be sure to look for the following important features.  


Get The Right Gauge And Length For The Intended Application 

Start by focusing on a product that is designed for the application at hand. This means looking for a cable that matches the generator’s socket/receptacle, the socket’s amp rating as well as the necessary length. If you have a portable unit equipped with an L14-30R receptacle, then you’ll need a product that matches this connection (L14-30 plug). 

Next up, be sure to look for a cable that is capable of carrying the required amount of power. For heavy duty applications, involving high consumption of power – such as power tools – thicker wires (lower than 12AWG) are required. For light power consumption applications, thinner wires, (higher AWG) may be sufficient. 

Last but not least, make sure that you only buy as much cable as is necessary; the right cable should allow you to position the portable unit a safe distance away from your home, camper or job site, to eliminate any risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. Increases in length translate into higher resistance levels; this ultimately affects the power carrying capacity of the cable, if the gauge (thickness) remains the same. 


Heavy Duty Outer Jacket  

Considering the fact that most users will use these cables in extreme outdoor conditions, it is essential that you get a generator extension cord designed for heavy duty use. A heavy duty weather resistant SJTW cold weather jacket rated for 300V, will not only remain flexible in the coldest of temperatures (-40ºF), but also stands up well to regular use, ensuring durability. 


Molded Plugs And Connectors 

For added strength and durability, molded plugs and connectors (equipped with pre-insulated prongs) are a must have in the best products. For tightest connections, Twistlock plugs are an added advantage.   


Safety Features 

Generators can be quite useful in emergency situations, when primary power goes out. However, to prevent creating another emergency on top of the original one, or exposing yourself, family or team of workers to unnecessary safety risks, choose a product that comes with useful safety features, in addition to meeting all the relevant safety standards.   

With CGM (Continuous Ground Monitoring) and Power Transmission monitoring indicator lights built into the clear connectors and plugs respectively, it’s possible to check whether there is power and ground continuity in the cable with a quick glance. 


Get The Best

Bad Ass Extension Cords has a wide selection of high quality products designed for safe and reliable use with portable power generation units. If you are looking for the perfect product for light, medium and heavy power consumption applications, be sure to browse the available selection.



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