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Flat Extension Cords

Flat Extension Cords

Advantages Of A Flat Extension Cord

For many years, round extension cords have been the industry standard. However, technological advancements have led to the introduction of flat cables that are now being seen as a worthy alternative to the traditional option. 

To show you why you should consider getting a flat extension cord the next time you go out shopping for one of these essential items, read on below. 


A Strong And Low Profile Solution 

Popularly known for their low profile structure, these newer variants are also very strong. In fact, due to their unique parallel construction, these cables are a third the height of the traditional round cables. This in itself gives rise to a variety of other benefits that will be covered below. 

Since the structural load carrying capacity of these cables is distributed between the conductors and insulation/outer jacket, these low profile variants are considered to be very strong. This, combined with the use of molded plugs and connectors, results in a strong and highly durable product. 


More Flexible 

The work of coiling and uncoiling cables is much easier when the cables in question are flexible. Such cables are also easier to use in work areas where space is limited. Owing to their unique construction, these newer variants tend to be very flexible. And, thanks to the use of a flexible heavy duty outer jacket and soft drawn bunch stranded copper conductors Bad Ass products are even more flexible. 


Safer Spaces  

Choosing a flat extension cord over a round one will definitely help you make your home, or work space, much safer for everyone involved. This is one of the direct advantages of the low profile structure of such cables. These solutions normally lay closer to the ground, and are also easier to hide out of the way. 

As such, these cables are less of a trip hazard than their substantially thicker rounded counterparts. Resultantly, the cables can be safely used in high traffic areas; without exposing those passing by to an abnormally high risk of suffering slip and fall injuries. 



As mentioned above, the low profile structure of these cables makes them easy to use. For starters, these cables normally lay level with the ground or walls; going over any obstacles and around bends with ease. To hold the cable down, you can use clamps or even adhesive tape; ultimately, making for easier handling than their rounded counterparts. 

For added convenience when it comes to users with a varied inventory of cables, Bad Ass products also come with color coded connectors for different lengths. For instance, 50ft cables have red connectors while 25ft cables come with blue ones. 


Get The Perfect Fit

While the market is still dominated by rounded cables, flat variants are carving out their own share of the market, thanks to their many advantages over the traditional alternative, as demonstrated above. If you are looking to replace your old cable, consider going with these newer variants to enjoy all these benefits, and more. And, with the wide selection of options available at Bad Ass Extension Cords, you are guaranteed to find something that caters to your exact needs and preferences.



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