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Why Our Electrical Cord Is The Best

Why Our Electrical Cord Is The Best

Best Electrical Cord Buying Tips 

Extension cords are among the most commonly used items in just about every home. These useful items make it possible for users to connect their appliances or power tools to power outlets that would otherwise be out of reach. To ensure that you end up with the right product, here’s a simple electrical cord buying guide detailing the main features you should look for when shopping around. 


Locking Connectors 

Extension cords are designed to extend the reach of power tools or other appliances. During use, it is normal for the connection between the receptacle and the appliance’s plug to be strained – when stretched to the limit. A weak connection, which keeps breaking whenever the cables are stretched too tight, can lead to unnecessary project delays.  

Locking connectors ensure that the link holds, preventing any accidental disconnections. Bad Ass products feature a patented Pro Lock® connector that can withstand up to 80lbs of pull pressure. For easy and convenient disconnects when you are done using the cable, just pull the slide collar down! 


Lighted Ends 

Whether at work or at home, safety is essential; especially when you are working with electrical connections. A grounded connection helps protect your equipment against damage and also prevent electric shocks to users, by providing a path for any excess power flowing through the connection. 

To make it easier for you to check whether you have ground continuity and active power flowing through the electrical cord – using a quick visual check – look for a product with lighted ends. A green light on the female connector indicates ground continuity, while an amber light built into the male plug indicates active power transmission.   


Strong Outer-Jacket 

The best should come with a strong outer jacket. In addition to being highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and any damage associated with direct exposure to the weather elements, a strong outer jacket also ensures flexibility even in the coldest temperatures. This way, uncoiling and coiling the cable is easy and effortless even in freezing weather (down to -58ºF). 

It is also worth mentioning that a flexible solution also makes for easy and convenient use in confined spaces. 

Bad Ass products also come with molded plugs and connectors, manufactured using high impact polycarbonate, for maximum strength and durability in the toughest working conditions. 


Safety Certifications 

On top of the safety features mentioned above, it is important that you look for a product that is certified as safe for use. With that in mind, all Bad Ass solutions are UL Listed and cUL approved for US and Canada, respectively, for safety and quality purposes. 


Choose The Right Product 

The process of choosing for the right extension cord can be quite challenging given the huge selection of products available out there. Fortunately, the above tips will go a long way towards helping you narrow down your search. The best solution should not only cater to your needs, but also be safe, reliable and durable.


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