Custom Printed Extension Cords

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How It Works
Free Custom Printing is available on most of our products.

Simply look for the "Free Custom Printing under the Add to Cart button, and fill out the box with your desired message. 

instructions on how to obtain Custom printing
  Custom Printing

Why Custom Printed Cords?

It’s free so why not? Actually there are some great reasons why you ought to think about adding custom printing on your extension cords.

It’s pretty Bad Ass to put your name or message on it


Advertise your business and tel # or website address on it


Print safety reminders to promote safety with your crew


Track cords by division or department


Prevents job site theft

Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters can I print? 80 alpha/numeric characters, including spaces

What font can I choose? No choices here, sorry-- the font is ALL CAPS and uses a font like Arial.

Where does the printed message repeat? It repeats every 1-2 feet.

Can I get pink ink? Well no. We don’t think pink is not necessarily bad ass, but we only print in Black. For black cords though, we do print with white ink.

How much does it cost? No cost. It’s free. That’s bad ass!

Can I print $%^& *#@ on the cord? Sorry we need to keep it clean. No vulgarity please.

Do you print adapters and multi outlet cords? In most cases, no. Any questions give us a holler.

How do I order custom printed cords? It’s really simple. Go to the product detail page of the cord you want and simply enter the printed message in the open field text box.