Cords 101


The Difference in Two vs Three Prong Plugs on Extension Cords

A typical 120-volt outlet, often found in the United States, you will see two vertical slots and one round hole that is below and centered between the two vertical slots.

Heavy Duty vs Basic: Choosing the Right Extension Cord

Extension cords have made life much more convenient, for homeowners, for contractors and for the weekend warrior looking to work on home improvement projects. Extension cords are not typically something people spend a lot of time researching, other than looking for the best price.

What Type of Extension Cord Do You Need for Your Weed Whacker?

One of the most common hand-held devices that can be found in nearly any gardener's storage is a string trimmer (more commonly known as a weed whacker). This particular device is helpful for cutting grass and other plants very quickly.

Why Choose a Bad Ass Welder Cord?

Don’t limit your welding to a corner in the shop. Grab a Bad Ass Welder Extension Cord and take the welding to them!

Wire and Cable: Deciphering the Lingo

The wire and cable industry has its own lingo, trade names and sets of initials to identity various products and their respective applications. Here's an overview of different types of wire and cable.

What Extension Cord Length Should I Use?

Caution: Longer extension cords tend to pose more hazards compared to shorter ones. Always use the shortest cord possible, with the correct gauge, for your application and equipment!

Protect Yourself with GFCI Equipped Extension Cords

GFCIs are life-saving devices that protect people from electrocution. OSHA now requires this basic safety component for working with electricity in wet environments any time a permanently installed GFCI receptacle isn’t present.

How to Pick the Right Extension Cord

When choosing a heavy duty extension cord for outdoor use, safety should be your priority. There are four things that you must keep in mind when choosing the best outdoor extension cord: length, gauge, rating and jacket color.

How to Properly Coil and Store an Extension Cord

With proper care and maintenance the best equipment and tools, deliver peak performance, year after year. In this regard, top quality, heavy duty extension cords are no different from your other expensive tools and should be treated accordingly.

Extension Cord Safety Tips

Extension cords are everywhere in our daily lives, at home and on the job. In fact, in certain job environments like construction and the entertainment industry, heavy duty extension cords are essential tools in their own right.