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Premium Black Extension Cords

Premium Black Extension Cords

How To Choose The Best Black Extension Cord For AV And Special Events 

Extension cords have an essential role to play in the execution of big social and corporate events, as well as concerts. Whether you are an event caterer, venue or production company, having the right solution to help bring power right where it is needed is essential. We offer a wide selection of high quality solutions specifically designed for such applications. Read on to find out what to look for in the best heavy duty black extension cord. 


Power Rating 

Whether you are looking to power special event lighting, audio visual equipment or any other event equipment, be sure to choose a solution that is capable of drawing all the power you need. The power carrying capacity of any cable is normally determined by the thickness (Gauge) and length of the conductors inside the cable. 

Lower gauge wires, 12AWG and below – are thicker – and capable of carrying more power; thus, making them more suitable for use with professional grade AV equipment. Generally, a product with a 15Amp rating will be able to meet the power requirements of most AV equipment.  



Length is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing the best black extension cord for special events. You can find 5ft to 100ft long products. With the right length of cable, you can be able to bring power exactly where it is needed. 

While longer cables save you from having to create a daisy chain when you need to extend your reach, shorter variants may be a better fit in some cases. As a rule of thumb, you should always look to buy and use only as much cable as you need. 

Since the length of the cable has an effect on its power carrying capacity (amperage rating), pay close attention, especially when looking at the extra long products.   


Heavy Duty Construction

If you intend to use your new cable on a regular basis, for an extended period – indoors or outdoors – heavy duty construction is a must. You need a strong and durable product that can stand up well to direct exposure to extreme weather conditions and temperatures; as well as high foot traffic and abrasive surfaces, frequently.   

3 conductor cordsets, molded connectors and SJTW coldweather outer jacket are some of the main features to look for in heavy duty products. 


Safety Features 

Safety is a key part of any event or concert that brings together huge gatherings of people in one place. To guarantee the safety of everyone involved, including staff and guests/members of the public, it is recommended that you only use products that meet OSHA safety guidelines.

The safest products feature three pronged connectors as well as ground continuity and power active indicator lights built into the connectors and plugs. 

The right product should also come with UL and cUL certification to demonstrate that it is safe and approved for use in the intended application.    


Buy The Right Cable From The Comfort Of Your Home 

You don’t have to get out of your home to find the right solution. Just check out the wide selection of suitable high quality products at Bad Ass Extension Cords. You can also contact us for more information, to ensure that you make the right final decision.


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