9 Inch 6 TPI Wood Cutting Recip Blade

Item# BAMS040906

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Our Demolition Series Reciprocal Saw Blades are designed for extreme, rough service use. They are commonly used at demolition sites and for rescue missions that require extra fast track cutting with outstanding blade life. These blades feature a patented alternating pitch tooth design that combines high speed cutting and material cleanout for superior cutting performance

  • Manufactured with .063" (1.6mm) bi-metal steel that will not bend, break or shatter during rough service use
  • Demolition blades guarantee 30% faster cutting speeds and twice the blade life of other high-speed metal blades
  • Premium spring tempered steel spine and hardened high-speed steel edge allow for both strength and flexibility
  • Optimized tip angle for more efficient, plunging cuts
    • Message from the Manufacturer

      “Pro Series” lineup of industry-leading reciprocal saw blades are used in the most demanding cutting applications. Featuring our superior bi-metal construction with a cobalt steel edge and spring steel back, these blades provide durability along with fast, precise cuts. Each saw blade style is designed to deliver the smoothest, cleanest, fastest and most accurate cuts to each specific cutting application whether wood, metal, or a combination of surfaces. For decades our customers have field tested the quality and durrability of our products in real-world jobsite conditions; and they keep coming back for more, because our products are tough, innovative, and industry leading.

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