9 Inch 6 TPI Roughing In & Wood Cutting

Our "Pro" Series of Reciprocal Saw Blades feature a superior bi-metal construction with a cobalt steel edge and spring steel back. As a result, the durable Pro Series delivers the smoothest, cleanest, fastest and most accurate cuts. No matter the surface or cutting application, you're sure the find the blade you need!
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Product Details

  • Bi-metal steel blades with a cobalt matrix high-speed steel edge, which is electron beam welded into a spring steel spine, make these blades both flexible and shatterproof.
  • "Pro Series” blades last longer than ordinary M-2 bi-metal reciprocating saw blades.
  • "Pro Series” blades resist tooth stripping, a common problem for inferior quality blades.
  • The blades’ optimized edge hardness allows for cutting harder materials with an extended blade life.
  • Precision ground teeth offer fast cutting and clean finish on a wide range of materials.

Product Specifications

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