8 Outlet Grounded Surge Protector 1200 Joules

Protects your valuable electronics from voltage spikes by absorbing dangerous power overloads.
Item# BASS81200BK

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Product Details

Surge suppressors protect electrical equipment from damaging power surges by acting like a protective shield between your device and the power source.

  • ABS fire retardant housing
  • Eight grounded outlets, including 3 individual transformer charging stations
  • Rocker type lighted on/off switch
  • Built in circuit breaker prevents overloads
  • 1200 joules surge protection
  • Lighted LED surge and ground indicators
  • 330V clamping voltage
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Heavy duty 6Ft. 14/3 SJT power supply cord
  • Two optional mounting slots

Product Specifications

Products specifications
Length (FT) 6
Gauge 14
Wire Count 3
Amperage 15
Voltage 125
Color Black

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