6 Foot 12/3 SJTW 20A Molded Quad Box

Item# BAQB12006MBK

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This molded quad box has four (4) 20A-125V T-Slot receptacles and a 15A-125V plug. It's so Bad Ass, it won't dent, chip, bend or crack under heavy weight or impact like the hollow metal ones always do.

  • This is a solid PVC brick: It will not crush, dent, chip, bend or crack
  • Unlike mechanically assembled metal boxes, we use internal strain reliefs so the cord can't pull off
  • The small footprint and low profile reduces trip hazards; it's easier to hide or route around booths, walls and displays
  • A red LED power check light indicates power flowing through the box
    • Message from the Manufacturer
      Heavy duty 30A-125V-3750W right angle extension cord extends the original power supply cord to reach available power outlets. Molded NEMA 5-30 plug and connector will not separate from the cord body. Thick 600V thermo vinyl cold weather jacket guarantees flexibility in extreme cold.
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