50 Foot 12/3 SJTW Click-to-Lock Lighted Extension Cord

Bad Ass Click-to-Lock Lighted Extension Cords have an innovative connector that clamps on a standard plug and holds tight, with 120 pounds of pull strength.
Item# CL12050YL

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Product Details

Insert a standard u-ground plug into a Bad Ass locking connector and the two won't separate until you release the automatic lock. No more accidental disconnects or wasted time plugging your tools back in. The molded on connectors will not separate from the cord and provide extra water resistance. The lighted ends tell you when power is flowing through the cord. Water resistant, fire retardant and maintains flexibility to -40°F. Safety-certified by Underwriters' Laboratories (UL).

Product Specifications

Products specifications
Length (FT) 50
Gauge 12
Wire Count 3
Amperage 15
Voltage 125
Color Yellow
TAP Type Single Tap