50 Foot 12/3 SPT-3 Exhibition Industry Extension Cord

Item# EI12050BKYL

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Thanks to their parallel construction, low profile cords are one third the height of standard round cords. They are used to provide temporary power in high traffic areas at convention centers, trade shows and exhibitions.

  • Soft drawn, annealed, bunch stranded 100% copper conductors offer maximum flexibility and amperage transmission
  • Low Profile jacket lays flat and out of the way for safety and appearance
  • Color coded connectors help the user pull the right cord from inventory: 15ft. cords feature White ends; 25ft. cords feature Blue ends; and 50ft. cords feature Red ends
  • Heavy duty flexible jacket provides outstanding flexibility while being resistant to grease and grime
  • Our 15A-125V (NEMA 5-15) heavy duty plugs and connectors are molded on with large strain reliefs that prevent the ends from pulling away from the cord body
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