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30 Amp

Top Reasons To Get A 30 Amp Extension Cord For Your RV 

An RV’s electrical systems can be powered by batteries or external power sources, including generators and designated electrical outlets. If your RV’s power cord cannot reach the nearest power pedestal, when you want to use external power, you will need to find an effective and reliable solution. A 30 Amp extension cord can help you extend the reach of your motor home’s power cable with ease. 

Read on to find out why you should add this product to your collection of must-have-RV tools.  


All The Power Your RV Needs 

If you want your motor home’s electrical systems to work properly, when running on external power, you should only use a cable that is capable of meeting its power requirements. A 30 Amp cable has the capacity to meet the power requirements of smaller and medium sized (some, not all) motor homes. 

The power capacity of any extension cable is influenced by the gauge (measured in AWG) of the wires therein, as well as its length. As a rule of thumb, the lower the gauge the thicker the wires used; and with it, the higher the overall capacity (amp rating) of the cable.  


Durable STW Jacket

These cords are normally exposed to the elements, for extended periods of time, during use. The use of a 600V STW thermal vinyl cold weather jacket will ensure that your cable serves you for many years to come – even when used in the most demanding outdoor conditions – without cracking, getting brittle, or losing flexibility.    


Stay Safe 

When powering your motor home from an external power source, it is important to note that you are dealing with high voltage power. For safety purposes, any extension cable designed for RV use must have a ground connection. 

With Continuous Ground Monitoring indicator lights built into the connector and Power Transmission indicator lights in the plug of the 30 Amp extension cord, you can confirm whether power is flowing through the cable and that there is a ground connection with a simple visual check. 


Convenient Use 

You should never pull on the electrical cord when unplugging it from the pedestal; it is recommended that you pull on the plug instead. Fortunately, you don’t even have to worry about this when using a cable with Pro Grip™ handles built into the plug and connector ends. 


Choose The Best Option   

If you are in the market for a high-quality solution for your RV, Bad Ass Extension Cords has exactly what you need. The right solution should not only be designed to meet the power requirements of your motor home; it should also facilitate safe and convenient use, regardless of whether you are using it at home or at a camping ground. To enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits, consider a 25 Foot 10/3 STW 30A Lighted RV option.



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