250 Foot 14/2 + Ground Submersible Pump Cable

Bad Ass flat, double insulated submersible pump cable is designed for quick, safe installs and maximum performance. Our pump cable is suitable for residential, farm, and industrial water well applications.
Item# BAFSP142250BL

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Product Details

  • Manufactured exclusively with soft-drawn, annealed, bunch-stranded 100% copper for maximum flexibility and amperage transmission.
  • Each conductor is jacketed with water resistant 600V PVC insulation, which is drawn tightly into the conductors interstices to prevent moisture seepage between the insulation and the conductor.
  • A pressure-extruded 600V PVC jacket encases the flat, parallel cable construction.
  • As a result, these cables are extremely flexible, easy to install and stand up under hard service use, down the well where it counts.

Product Specifications

Products specifications
Length (FT) 250
Gauge 12
Wire Count 3
Copper Construction 41 x 30
Insulation Thickness 0.045"
Jacket Thickness 0.030"
Approximate Outer Diameter 0.194" x 0.562"
Color Blue