25 Foot 2GA Battery Booster Cables

Jump starts dead batteries in delivery trucks, step vans, and semi trucks and similar vehicles. Get back on the road quickly and safely with Bad Ass 2 Gauge battery booster cables.

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Product Details

Bad Ass 2 Gauge battery booster cables are built to provide guaranteed jumping capability whenever the need arises. The tangle free, twin line construction ensures easy use and storage. The heavy duty jacket stays flexible in temperatures well below freezing so you can safely use the cable in the extreme cold, when vehicle batteries most often need a jump!

  • Rubber jacket guarantees flexibility in temperatures well below freezing.
  • Tangle free, twin line construction for easier use.
  • Universal clamps fit all top and side post batteries.
  • 400 AMP heavy duty clamps will not heat up during engine cranking.
  • “Sure Grip” ergonomically designed handles.
  • Triple polarity identification prevents reverse polarity accidents.
  • Comes with an extra large heavy duty ballistic nylon zippered case for easy storage.

Product Specifications

Products specifications
Length (FT) 25
Gauge 2
Color Green