50 Foot 10/3 STW 30A Lighted RV Extension Cord

Item# BARVPG10050YL

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Bad Ass 30 Amp RV Extension Cords with fold-away handles for safer, easier disconnects. For added safety, the clear, molded ends have Power Transmission and Ground Continuity indicator lights.

  • Heavy duty 30A-125V right angle extension cord
  • Features a lighted neon lamp in both plug and connector that indicates whether there is power in the circuit
  • Pro Grip™ handles are built into both plug and connector ends to help pull out the cord ends from outlets
  • Our 600 Volt STW thermo vinyl cold weather jacket guarantees this cord not to crack nor become brittle and remain flexible in temperatures below freezing
  • All 3 conductors are pre-insulated and are color coded in accordance with the National Electrical Code
  • UL, cUL, & OSHA compliance in manufacturing
    • Message from the Manufacturer

      Our RV cords and adapters are both innovative and practical. Our whole manufacturing process is driven by a desire for high performance and ease of use, with safety at the forefront of importance. Our unique ProGrip handles make disconnecting the cord erganomically easy. Our connectors are molded on for added durrability.


      Our UL and cUL listed RV cords are tough and practical. With lighted ends, you know you are powered (amber) and grounded (green). Our RV cord features our "ProGrip" handle to easily disconnect the cord from the RV.

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