OEM 15A-125V Click-to-Lock Lighted Connector

Item# CL15A125VCBL

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Replace the standard connector on any heavy duty 12/3 or 10/3 extension cord with our OEM Click-to-Lock mechanical connector and say goodbye to accidental disconnects and power losses.

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F
  • Pull Strength: 80 Lbs horizontally or vertically
  • Custom cord strain relief helps reduce cord tension and excess bending
  • UL Listed and cUL for Canada
    • Message from the Manufacturer

      Each of our Pro Lock Extension Cords are molded with our patented Pro Lock connector. When a cord with a standard U-Ground 15A-125V plug is inserted into our Pro Lock connector, it locks and won''t pull apart. This prevents accidental disconnects that result in an inconvenient loss of power. To release, simply pull down on the connector collar to disconnect the cords. We have added our patented "CGM" Continuous Ground Monitoring system to our Pro Lock connector that indicates there''s ground continuity in the cord for added safety. We strive to make every product line contractor grade and with industry leading innovation; to make better products that increase performance and productivity with the end-user in mind.


      Our ProLock cord is practical, tough, and easy to use; allowing you to quickly connect and disconnect any standard 5-15 U-ground. Simply plug the male end in "clicking" it in and automatically locking with 80 Pounds of pull force. Slide the collar back to release the connection and easily remove the male end.


      The prolock extension cord locks together with 80 Pounds of pull resistance. No accidental disconnects - simply pull back on the slide collar to release the lock; quick and effortless.


      Lock in any standard 5-15 U-ground with 80LBs of locking force. Our female prolock connector is built tough, with polycarbonate, and molded on so it wont pull away from the cord body. Our patented CGM feature, Green indicator light, lets you know you are sufficiently grounded. The slide collar allows for quick and easy release of the connection; like a pnumatic tool.

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