1000 Foot 4/5 Flat Festoon Cable

Festoon cable is a flat, portable cable specifically designed for power and control applications on cranes, bridges and gantries, hoists, monorail systems, and similar moving cable systems. It is most often used at seaports, mills, or large-scale manufacturing plants. The cables are track mounted and provide both power and control signals.
Item# BAFES45C10BK

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Product Details

  • Rated at 221ºF, 600V
  • Designed for continuous extreme flexing applications
  • Anti-coiling in festoon applications
  • Small bending radius
  • Flat construction allows for stacking
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets cold bend test at -55ºC

Count on Bad Ass Festoon Cables for excellent performance, endurance and flexing in extreme environmental conditions.

Product Specifications

Products specifications
Length (FT) 1000
Gauge 4
Wire Count 5
Color Black