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100 ft Extension Cord Benefits

100 ft Extension Cord Benefits

How To Choose A 100 Ft Extension Cord

An extension cable can be used to connect electrical appliances and devices to power outlets that are far away. If you normally use all sorts of electrical appliances or power tools (at home or at a job site) far away from the nearest power socket, you should consider getting a 100 ft extension cord. 

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best product. 


Get The Length Right 

A 100 ft cord is a great option for anyone who regularly uses all sorts of electrical appliances and power tools in places where the available power outlets are quite a distance away. Buying a longer cable not only saves you from having to get other cables in the near future, but also enhances safety during use. 

With a longer solution, you do not have to link a number of shorter cables whenever you need to extend the reach of your current option. Linking multiple cables together creates an elevated risk of overheating and fire due to the increased resistance levels. 


Remember To Match The Gauge To The Intended Application 

The right solution should be perfectly matched to the power demands of the intended application. Normally measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge) gauge refers to the thickness of the wires used to make the cable in question. The wire gauge has a direct influence on the amount of power that can be safely carried by the cable. Thicker wires can carry higher currents, than thinner ones, of the same length. 

Before you purchase a 100 ft extension cord, find out the current requirements of the intended application. If you intend to use the cable indoors for light power consumption applications consider a 16AWG option.  However, if you intend to use the cable with power tools get a 14AWG or 12AWG variant. For those looking for a solution that can support heavy duty use for lengthy periods of time, continuously, thicker 10AWG wires are recommended. 


Flexibility Matters

Longer extension cables should be flexible! If you don’t want to struggle with coiling or uncoiling the cable after and before use, choose a flexible option. The same goes if you want to use the cable in confined spaces, with ease. 

These come with a strong and durable cold weather rubber elastomer jacket that remains flexible, even at freezing temperatures (down to -58ºF).  


Think Safety

When it comes to electrical connections (at home or at work), safety is key. With that in mind, the right solution should come with a variety of safety features including Locking Connectors for strong connections even when the cable is stretched to the limit; and, CGM (Continuous Ground Monitoring) and Active Power Transmission indicator lights, built into the connector and plug for easy checking of ground connection and power flowing through the cable. 

For added safety and quality, you should only go with UL Listed and cUL approved products.  


Choose The Most Suitable Product

Bad Ass Extension Cords has exactly what you need, regardless of whether you are in the market for indoor or outdoor solutions designed for light, medium or heavy duty use.


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