25 Foot 12/3 SJTW General Purpose Lighted Triple Tap Extension Cord

Item# BT12025TGN

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Don't let the "General Purpose" label fool you. Bad Ass general purpose extension cords are heavy duty and uncommonly tough. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and provide years of hard service use in the field.

  • All copper is soft drawn & annealed for maximum flexibility under full load
  • Our coldweather PVC insulation and jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures down to -40°F
  • SJTW outside jacket is rated at 300 volts
  • We use heavy duty molded on 15A-125V NEMA 5-15 plugs & connectors that will not pull away from the cord body
  • UL and OSHA Listed for USA and Canada
    • Message from the Manufacturer

      Our connectors are molded on and wont pull away from the cord body. We''ve made them clear to accommodate an amber indicator light, letting you know the outlet has power.


      Our connectors are tough, with reinforced Nickel plated prongs. Nickle plating ensures superior conductivity and protects the prongs from corrosion - standard copper prongs are suseptible to surface corrosion and a loss of conductivity. Everything we make is to the highest standard, and practically designed with the professional end-user in mind.

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